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13 years ago, the Muscogee County School District began implementing the PBIS system (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) into our schools.​

Dimon has been a PBIS school for 12 years. At Dimon, our students shine bright like GEMs! We use the PBIS system (Positive Behavior Intervention System) to encourage our students to Give their best, that Everyone is respectful, and to Make wise choices. Students are able to earn "Dolphin Dollars" or Class Dojo Points to then spend at Dimon's GEM Mine or classroom store. There are many awesome things students can purchase with their Dolphin Dollars. This is a fun way to encourage students to take pride in their actions and earn some awesome rewards! Each classroom has a PBIS matrix with our expectations: Give your best, Everyone is respectful, Make wise choices. With the expectations, there are certain rules to follow. You will also notice matrixes throughout the school with our expectations and rules to follow for that particular area. 
Dimon's GEM Mine occurs once a month during the first week. Students are able to purchase items such as toys, candy, and pencils, but they also have the opportunity to purchase tickets to do activities like work with robotics, play in the gym, and play outside and get a popsicle. :)
Students that have a great week academically and behavior-wise, can earn a ticket to the GEM room on Fridays. This is an opportunity to relax and play games for about 15 minutes. Activities include air hockey, Virtual Reality, video games, Legos, and more!
If you would like to know more about the implementation of PBIS at Dimon, feel free to email Mr. Elliott at

Our biggest area of concern that we are working on is Defiance in the Classroom. 

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