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Georgia Movie Academy
For 10 years, Dimon has competed in the Georgia Movie Academy. Each year we have put together at least two teams of up to eight students to create and produce a movie. Once they have been submitted, we travel to Americus, Ga to see our movie on the big screen at the Rylander Theatre as part of an 'Oscars' like award show. The last few years the show has been at the Storm Dome at Georgia Southwestern University. Teams win trophies or medals based on how well their movie was judged. What follows is a sampling of some of the movies that have been developed at Dimon. These movies and more can be found at our YouTube page. Subscribe to our channel!

2022 A Moment of Meanness

2021 Hoop Dreams

2020 Holiday Video

How the Imaginarium Came to Be 2020

Super Inspiration 2019

Imagine If Your School Could Talk 2020

Ninjaspired 2019

Creating Harmony 2017

Create a Better World 2017

Dimon Awards Recognition2020

Dimon's Mannequin Challenge 2016-17

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