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Magnet Admission Information

Dimon Students Tell You Why They Like Dimon

Dimon Magnet Academy

At Dimon, we have explicit rules and expectations of our Magnet students. Students will be required to maintain an A-B average in all subject areas, have good behavior, and score above grade level on assessments given throughout the school year. 


We have a strong focus on Reading and Math. In order to become better readers and mathematicians, we have started to blend STEM into our curriculum. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We are a Georgia state certified STEM school, the only one in MCSD. Our students perform rigorous projects throughout the school year. There are also STEM days where classes focus on a STEM activity for the school day. 

On March 31, 2023, we will host our annual STEAM day. On this day, students see several different presenters that speak about a job they do related to STEM. Students also do an activity and keep a journal of what they did during the STEAM day. 

If you are interested in your student joining Dimon's Magnet Program, you will have to apply on the Online Magnet Portal through MCSD's homepage beginning in November. Students entering Kindergarten will be tested on items such as letter and number recognition, letter sound recognition, shapes, counting to 100, and sight words. If you have questions, you can email Mr. Elliott We will also have testing for grades 1-5, and each of those grade levels have different assessments that pertain to that grade level, but students are expected to read above grade level.

Magnet Open House Video 2021

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