At Dimon, we use a lot of different websites to help our students learn the standards. What follows are different 21st Century Technology Resources and which grades typically use them.




Georgia Milestones


enVisions Math

Reading Wonders

A website where students can easily create stories. Don't forget to save the code after publishing! (Free)
Children can learn letters, sounds, and more literacy at this website. (Free)
This website has a lot of science resources. You may need to sign up.
Login to your student's account to help them with Reading Lessons from class.
Login to your student's account to help them with Math Lessons from class.
Literacy program students work on at school, but can log-in at home, too! Ask teacher for username and password.
A lot of fun math games and activities. Some students have their own login. (Free)


Students learn how to type at this website. Most students have logins. (Free)
Practice for the Georgia Milestones test!
If you have a membership to the Chattahoochee Valley library system, you can access these books for free with your membership number. Don't have a membership? What are you waiting for!?
Coding is quickly becoming the next language your child needs to speak! Get a head start on something that until recently wasn't taught until college!
A place with leveled books for your child to read for K-3.
Login: dmnstudent
Password: initpass
At, there are a lot of different games in reading, math, and typing that students can play on each grade level. (Free)
Another coding website that will help your child with the language of the future! (Free and pay versions)
Tons of free learning games and quizzes for all ages!
Time news for kids.
Scholastic news for the classroom.
News of the day in 10 minutes!


Coding and Mathematics

Fun Learning Games


Another coding website that will help your child with the language of the future! (Free)
Students can play against other people in free educational competitive games! (Free)
Channel One News, news just for school students!
A place with leveled books for your child to read for grades 3-5.
Login: dmnstudent
Password: initpass
Learn multiplication facts with this website! (Free)
Videos of different stories read aloud.
Stories read aloud through video.
IXL is a website for math fluency.
Fun math games! Create your free account to play.
Free math lessons through videos.
Use storyboards to help tell stories, explain ideas, and more!
Take an online quiz about being safe on the internet. for extra math help.
flip anim.JPG
A cool website to make animations!
A game about cyberbullying and being safe on the internet.
Create an account and sign in to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.
A plethora of games to play in all subject areas, including music and art.
Plenty of videos for those curious to learn!
The perfect place to go for exercise videos!
Create your own fun beat!
A search engine just for kids!
Some teachers use ClassDojo to help students stay invested in their behavior and communicate with parents.
Type as fast as you can against your friends to find out who types the most words per minute!
A fun website for kids. This specific link will take you to an Interactive Weather Maker.
Fact Monster.JPG
all kinds of interesting facts.
Reflex Math, the perfect website to help students become more fluent in math facts! (Trial and pay)
National Weather Service for kids. Perfect for our year-long STEM focus!