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My name is Sonja Holmes, and I am Dimon Magnet Academy’s school counselor! I am extremely thrilled to work with the school’s amazing staff, students, as well as parents during this school year.


As a school counselor, I provide weekly classroom guidance lessons on various topics including: career clusters, kindness, and conflict resolution. Outside of the classroom, I offer brief individual counseling and small group counseling, which allows me to work more closely with students.


Again, I look forward to meeting and working with you to provide an enjoyable and welcoming school environment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at Feel free to also call my office at 706-683-8772. 




Sonja Holmes

Welcome to Dimon Magnet Academy’s Counseling Page

Counselors provide services in the following areas:

*  Guidance activities in the classroom to help develop student skills in areas such as friendship, cooperation, goal-setting, responsibility, feelings, conflict resolution, respect, problem solving, organization, test taking and study skills, the Good Touch/Bad Touch Program and more.


*  Small group counseling for topics such as study skills, social skills, changing families, anger management/ impulse control, grief and loss and others.


*  Brief individual counseling to assist students in processing all types of feelings and issues.


*  Consultation with parents or caregivers and teachers, to assist with social, emotional, or educational concerns.


*  Assisting in referrals for services and community resources.

Belief Statements

We believe….

· every student has the right to be served by the school counseling plan

· this program should be developmental, comprehensive, and preventative

· the school counseling program shall be planned, coordinated, and managed by state-certified counselors, as well as other representatives from the school and community

· the school counseling program shall be data-driven and evaluated on stated 

goals and related student competencies, monitored on student progress

All students …

· Should have access to a school counselor to address individual concerns

· Have the right to learn and that it is our job to remove barriers to academic achievement

· Abide by the ASCA professional ethics for counseling

· Engage in ongoing professional development


Statement of Philosophy

Dimon Magnet Academy adheres to the philosophy that all children can learn and that the school counseling program is essential to removing barriers that hinder learning. The counseling program provides a comprehensive and developmental approach to meeting objectives in the 

academic, career, and personal/social domains. This program is accessible to all students and will focus on prevention, intervention, and developmental needs. Based on data collected, counselors will implement additional activities to meet the needs of underserved populations.  Counselors will adhere to professional ethical guidelines and will be evaluated by local school administrators.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive guidance program to help students acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become effective students and responsible citizens. The counseling program at Dimon Magnet Academy will address the personal/social, academic, and career needs of all students based on the standards and competencies adopted by the county. By working in partnership with community members, parents, and teachers our ultimate goal is for students to graduate and become successful members of the community.